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Violet has magical talent. She can levitate, walk through glass, and be in two places at one time. What happens when Violet discovers true magic in the arms of a new man?

Luke Kemble enjoys the luxury of having Violet, all of her magic and all of her beauty, all to himself. What happens to Luke's illusion of reality when he and the love of his life are threatened by another man, a dangerous one that holds grudges and anger?

Carter Borden never fully recovered from the heartbreak of his ex-wife leaving him. What happens to a damaged man who begins to believe in magic once again?

Follow two men -- Luke and Carter -- as they learn the one truth about Violet's magic (that it's an only an illusion) and the one truth about her love (that it's not).

I often read a story and know right away how I'm going to review it and how many stars I'm going to give it. It was a very different scenario with Violets & Violence. The magic that's written on the pages goes far beyond just words in a book... and that's no illusion.

Magic is all about slight of hand, carefully lighted sets and fooling ones mind to believe something took place that could never possibly have happened. Violet is a master at her craft and a rising star. Everything that she is, it's not real... it's all an illusion. Luke knows this. He knows all about Violet and her secrets, but Carter has no clue what he's gotten involved in. Carter is broken and had stopped believing in the magic of love, until he meets Violet. He needs to overlook the scars of the past and stop over-analyzing the parts of Violet that she shows him... because he'll never see the surprise she has up her sleeves.

One of my favorite quotes from this novel? "Stop focusing on the depreciation of everything, okay? Start living." This one quote sums up everything, to me. Love is often described as magic, but isn't magic just an illusion? You can't go through life thinking that way and waiting for the other shoe to drop. You need to learn to believe... even in the unimaginable.

To me, this book was all about the details, much the same way that a magic trick is. All the little details help make up the bigger picture, but once you start stripping them away... what are you left with? The truth. About 75% of this novel was about the details. The layers keep getting added, until you have no choice but to start peeling them back to make sense of it all. I believed in the illusion. Once the details are stripped away, you can really appreciate the book as a whole. There's no such thing as perfection. It's how you learn to deal with all the faults.

The ending, it was exactly what I hoped it would be. As a reader, you are given enough answers without filling in all the gaps. The gaps... they're one of the best part. You, as the reader, get to go back and fill them in. The best part? That feeling you get long after you finished the last word and realize... you do believe in magic.

Reviewed by Lisa
I gave this 4 1/2 stars.

As the author of the best-selling mystery romance, Surviving Goodbye, Morgan Parker has written several novels under this pen name. In 2012 and 2013, when he self-published Textual Encounters and Textual Encounters: 2, respectively, he was absolutely floored that anyone would want to read his stories. So he wrote non friction, an unconventional love story. That love story earned Mr. Parker a tremendous amount of attention and at the insistence of his readers, he followed it with Hope (a novella) and Sick Day. All three of those stories have spent time on Amazon best-seller lists. Currently, he is preparing Violets & Violence for publication in late-2014.
When not writing, Morgan likes to spend time gathering writing material from his two young children, reading and napping where he discovered the Type II Sleep State, which is the topic for his 2015 release, Anna Graham.
Morgan interacts regularly with his readers and friends on Facebook and Twitter.
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