Tuesday, November 11, 2014

♦♦ Night Call by Jessica Hawkins ♦ Release Blitz ♦♦

Night Call by Jessica Hawkins Night Fever Serial #2 Publication Date: November 11, 2014 Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Novella, Romance, Serial
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With their dream within grasp, Johnny and Lola make an offer on Hey Joe--only to discover that a million dollars doesn't go as far as they'd thought. As the price of the bar rises and expenses pile up, Lola begins to question what she really wants.
Lola knows she can solve their problems with one phone call, but she may risk going too far to have it all. Because she's not dealing with just anyone--she's dealing with a master. For Beau Olivier, there's no such thing as too far. There is only conquest. There is only victory.
Beau and Lola already had their night together, but it wasn't enough. They need more. And the more they need. The more they have to lose.
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I received an arc of this book.

Night Call picks up where Night Fever leaves off. Lola and Johnny made a decision for their future, but soon find it wasn't enough. Lola already gave up a part of herself to Beau. How many more pieces does she need to give away before there's no turning back?

GOOD GOD!! This book... that ending... ! ! ! !
From the first sentence, this book had a slow burn that gradually increased until the ending where it was a raging inferno and it felt like my heart might beat right out of my chest. And the sex scenes. There's one in particular where I could feel my face getting hot just reading it. There was nothing cookie cutter in THAT scene (fanning self).

I crave that feeling of being thrown outside the box and not in your comfort zone, in a book. Night Call delivered... big time! The ending... I did not see it coming. AT ALL. It left me out of breath and hungry for more. Even now, days after I've finished the book, I still have that anxious feeing.

If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. Cannot wait for book #3!!

reviewed by Lisa

About Jessica Hawkins

Jessica Hawkins grew up between the purple mountains and under the endless sun of Palm Springs, California. She studied international business at Arizona State University and has also lived in Costa Rica and New York City. Some of her favorite things include traveling, her dog Kimo, Scrabble, driving aimlessly and creating Top Five lists. She is the helpless victim of an overactive imagination that finds inspiration in music and tranquility in writing. Currently she resides wherever her head lands, which lately is the unexpected (but warm) keyboard of her trusty MacBook.

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