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Title: Fading Away (Anchored Hearts #2.5)
Author: J.M. Witt
Release Date: Sept 8, 2014
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Can our love heal the wounds that consume us?
Or will the past leave your soul Fading Away?

Cal is fighting for his life and for his love. Never wanting to settle down until he found her, his baby doll. Her secrets left him bleeding on the floor and comatose. He’ll fight for her, no matter the cost. But what if that means committing murder? 
Jane almost lost everything she never knew she needed. Some of her secrets revealed, but not all. Nightmares consume her, but so does her love for Cal. Will she be able to let go of the past and move forward? 
Will murder charges ruin their chance at happily ever after?
Or will they get the one thing they both want?
Each other…forever.


I was given an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Holy friggen cheese and crackers!! I feel like JM Witt out does herself with each book. Just when I think, 'Ok, she can't top that last book'... she does!!

This book continues with Cal and Jane's story. If you read 'Letting Go of You', this book starts with Cal still in the hospital. I love how JM Witt back tracks with each book so we can see into the lives of the different couples.

Cal is protective, by nature, and he is feeling very responsible for what happened to Jane in Hiding Away. We really get to see just how strong his love for Jane is, in this book. She is still holding onto secrets, but Cal never wavers in his loyalty to her. I feel like we get to see just how strong of a bond they have, even though they are only together a short time.

This story is sweet and steamy (hello??? the honey scene!) but there are still moments of "OMG!!" where you are just stunned. In true form, the author ends this book with a shocker. That's sort of become her m.o.... non stop action and a shocker in the end. Can't wait for the next book!!!

5 stars - Reviewed by Lisa 

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