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**This highly anticipated debut novel was inspired by actual events.**

Sember is a strong-willed attorney who’s got it all: the budding career, the condo, and a marriage proposal right around the corner.

When her sister, Sarah, needs a new attorney, Sember is torn. She wants to help Sarah, but she is terrified her emotions could compromise the case. With so much at stake, failure isn't an option.

In walks Jax Alexander, a brilliant legal mind from New York who excites Sember’s body and mind. When he offers to take on Sarah’s case, he provides hope in a hopeless situation. Sember and Jax are thrust together as their passion ignites.

As a web of lies is exposed, Jax works tirelessly to reveal the truth behind Sarah’s case. But, he has a dark secret shadowing his past that threatens to destroy everything.
In the midst of so many lies, can Jax really be trusted? His secret could put Sarah’s case in jeopardy and could cost Sember her life. Will he risk it all to save them, or will he cut and run, leaving destruction in his wake?

Sometimes, desperate acts call for desperate measures.


I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

You have Sember, who is an attorney and dealing with the break up from her fiance. Then you have Sarah, her sister, who is dealing with a divorce from a crazy, egotistical husband. Add in Jax Alexander, who is the hot, new attorney at the firm Sember works for. The problem is, Jax has his own 'skeletons in the closet' that he is dealing with. Sember and Jax start seeing each other, but will their pasts hinder a future together?

Let me start by saying, there is A LOT going on in this book. It's a romantic thriller that is 'inspired' by actual events.

Once you got past the first few chapters, the book was very fast paced. It touches on cheating, jealousy and revenge... just to name a few. Sember's sister, Sarah, is the middle of a very messy divorce from the most conniving man ever. Sember, herself, is dealing with the breakup of her own fiance, when she catches the eye of the new attorney, Jax, in her law firm. It's an instant attraction, but it isn't all it seems. Jax has his own dark secrets that eventually surface and bring Sember down with them.

There is one part of the book where I wished the author went into a little deeper. The part with Dylan. It was a pretty important part of the story and I just wish there was more. There was A LOT about Sarah and her husband.

That being said, I would give this book 4.25 stars.

reviewed by Lisa  

About The Author

Emerson Shaw (1977-present) was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was the third born of three girls and had a very happy childhood. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1999 with a Bachelors of Business Administration. After graduating, she built a career in the wine industry. She married her husband in 2004 and had their first son two years later. She sold and studied wine for nearly ten years, but the birth of her second child in 2008 led her to put a hold on her professional life. She quit her job to stay home to raise her children. Her sister had always encouraged her to write, but she thought the publishing industry was nearly impossible to break into. Then, the self-publishing industry began to explode. Emerson's children had gotten older and less dependent just as her sister started going through a difficult family situation. The idea to write a fictional story inspired by her sister's experiences was born. Acts of Desperation is her debut novel.

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