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Sick Day by Morgan Parker - Review Blitz


"I believe that if someone says he loves you more than air, he's lying to you."

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Hope and Cameron made a five-year promise before college. Years pass and they never see each other again. But then one month before his planned wedding to Riley, Cameron looks outside and sees Hope in the pouring rain, watching him.
Now, three years later, Cam has one day – a sick day on this last Friday of summer – to convince the one woman whose very existence breaths life into his lungs, that sometimes love like theirs actually does exist, and it’s that kind of love that lives forever, no matter how hard you fight to forget about it and move on. From the author of non friction and Hope, Sick Day follows one man’s day-long attempt to persuade the love of his life that sometimes it’s okay to break promises if it means keeping the ones that count.
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In this book, you have Hope and Cameron's story of lost love. We first met Hope in the short story 'Hope'. She reads Emma's version of 'Our Story' and it lights a fire in her to fight for her true love... Cameron. The problem? Things aren't that simple. Their story starts in high school with a promise, but ends in heartbreak when Cameron moves on during college to fill the void of Hope's absence. Time nor distance does anything to lessen their love for each other, but they have a hard time getting on the same page. A love like theirs.... It's meant to last... A lifetime.

Seriously?!? Who knew that Morgan Parker had that in him! I stopped highlighting sappy quotes when I realized I was highlighting almost every page. One of my favorites? "The fact is, when I look into your eyes, and you allow me to see your heart? That's perfection".
I think we all live with 'what ifs'. You get comfortable in your situation and before you know it, you are so far from where you want to be. How will you ever know if you don't go for it? Cameron uses his last sick day to go after his one true love... his soul mate. He knows that it'll probably cost him his job, but to him, the end result is worth so much more.

The Epilogue. Ugh! I had tears in my eyes. One of Hope's quotes is about not fighting for love because it's like forcing a square peg in a round hole. After reading the epilogue, you'll see that, when you meet 'the one'... They will be worth the fight.

This book is so well written that you'll have to force yourself to put it down so you can participate in real life. It has a clear message that speaks directly to your heart. You can ignore it, or do what Cameron did.... put it all on the line for the reward of your life.

reviewed by Lisa S.


The book stars with Cameron “ Cam”, he about to marry Riley. When he was in college he promised himself  to Hope. Cam is now faced with many different emotions and a decision to make.  Cam loves Hope unconditionally with so much passion. The kind of love that when the person you love walks in the room you lose your breathe for a moment. True, real and a special type of love.

First of all, Morgan Parker thank you for all these wonderful stories! Textual Encounters sucked me in and so on! Everyone of Morgan's book I say how will I love the next one more than this one and he has stunned me time after time. I have a special place in my heart for every one of his books.  A friend suggested Mr. Morgan Parker and I was in heaven instantly.  Morgan has an amazing art in capturing a true love story. I love how the words just speak right to my soul. His writing skills are exquisite. The characters in Sick Day had you laughing, crying, mad, then all those emotions all over again. This story should be read, it's original and realistic.  It's my kind of story with an impact with an emotional spin. Another one of his so many talents are his sense of descriptions I felt like I was Hope, and then the tears fell. I recommended this book a million times. In closing this book is a huge 5 star read!  }i{

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reviewed by Yolanda

brick excerpt
“Don’t make me go home tonight,” I begged.
When her eyes found mine again, she nodded. I didn’t know what it meant, though. Was she nodding because I had to go home, or did she want me to stick around?
“Talk to me,” I begged.
“I can’t,” she whispered. “If I talk, I’ll lose everything I came here for.”
When I opened my mouth and started to speak, she placed a finger over my lips to silence me.
Leaning forward, she brought her mouth to my ear, and in a broken whisper, she asked, “Take me back to the hotel. Love me. Remember me. And then tell me whether or not you exist for me.”
“I don’t need to make love to you to know that, Hope. All I need is to take a breath of you.”
“Then breathe me, all of me,” she begged. “In my hotel room.”
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Morgan Parker is the pen name of the shy and introverted banker that wrote Non Friction, the novel that fans and readers voted as the #1 Funniest, Sexiest Book of 2014 at goodreads. When he's not writing, Morgan likes to do lots of fun stuff. Like sleep and eat. He jogs every day, usually to Starbucks for his daily fix at the end of his lunch hour.




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