Friday, February 28, 2014

REVIEW: Dying to Survive by Scott Hildreth




*CAUTION* This book has scenes describing the abduction, rape, murder, and torture of living people. Additionally, there are graphic scenes of sex, not all of which is consensual. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

You’re abducted and placed into a room with three other women, all of which resemble you. Confused, scared, lonely, and in constant fear, you wait. The abductor, after a few days, opens the door and explains the following: 

“Tomorrow morning, at eight am, one of you will forfeit your life to save the other three. If one person isn’t willing to die, everyone will die.” 

What would you do? 

“Dying to Survive” is a erotic psychological trip through the minds of seven people - parents, children, uncles, and nieces as this story unfolds. They range from abused, abducted, raped, murdered, and killed to enforce the law, to almost what we would perceive as normal. 

Prepare for a trip that will leave you guessing, wondering, and contemplating how you live your life. 

Erotica, Dark, Erotic, Non-con, non-consensual, non con, abduction, RAW, Belle Aurora, Held, Thriller, psychological, Slaughterotica.



I had been hearing, for a few weeks, about a new, dark, erotic book by Author Scott Hildreth. The morning after it was released, I was gifted a copy.

What can I tell you about the book, other than what's already in the synopsis? Ryan Capshaw kidnaps 4 women, who all look very similar, and places them in a room together. They are told that the following morning, one of them will die and they need to decide who it is. If they don't decide, they ALL die. There is more than meets the eye with each woman. Each was specifically chosen to serve a specific purpose in Ryan's sick plan.

To say this book is a psychological mind f**k, would be a complete understatement. You need to go in with an open mind, but be prepared to take a trip into a dark, twisty place. This isn't a book for the faint of heart, but I promise it will get you thinking. There is one character who I empathized with one moment, then the next I'm plotting her death! WTH?!?! It's just insane. I actually had to take a break half way through. It wasn't because the book didn't hold my attention, but the exact opposite. It was just too much all at once and I needed to put the book down to stop my brain from running in a million different directions.

Don't try to figure out how it will end. Scott takes you on a ride on the crazy train and drops you off in the middle of 'WTF Just Happened'. Not unlike a lot of us, the characters in this book are just dying to survive at the crazy game called life. Definitely pick up this book. I promise that Scott Hildreth doesn't disappoint.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars.
Reviewed by Lisa S.




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