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Review: A Tragic Wreck (Beautiful Mess #2) by T.K. Leigh


A Tragic Wreck (Beautiful Mess #2) 

TK Leigh 


Sequel to T.K. Leigh's "A Beautiful Mess."

How can you continue living when you’re living a lie? How can you convince your body to stop feeling, your soul to stop caring, and your heart to stop beating?

Haunted by her past, Olivia Adler flees Boston for a beach in Florida, leaving everyone behind, trying to shut the world out. Remaining a relative recluse in her self-imposed prison, she tries to turn everything off, wanting to feel nothing. But a new acquaintance won’t let that happen. After being away from Alexander for a month, his voice constantly ringing in her head, reminding her that her inability to confront her demons will not only destroy her, but also him, can she really be expected to want to feel again when it brings nothing but pain?

Back in Boston, everywhere he turns, Alexander Burnham is reminded of Olivia… His Olivia… He tries to dull the ache left in his heart the only way he knows how… in the bed of a beautiful woman. But Alexander isn’t about to lose his Olivia. After a clue comes to light regarding Olivia’s whereabouts, can he convince her to return to Boston with him? When a force that has laid dormant for months resurfaces, can Alexander still protect her from the unknown danger? And when Alexander comes face to face with a shadow of both his and Olivia’s past, will he be able to tell her the secret that is threatening to tear them apart?


We received this book in exchange for an honest review, at the blog.

You do need to have read A Beautiful Mess first, because this book picks up a few weeks after it ends. Olivia gets scared and runs to Florida, leaving it all behind. She makes it so no one can find her and she just keeps to herself.... until she catches the eye of a local. He literally helps save her life and tries to help her 'feel' something... anything. Meanwhile, Alexander Burnham can't forget about Olivia. He even starts sleeping with another woman, but everything just reminds him of the one who ran away. Olivia eventually messes up and does something that makes it so Alexander finds her. But it doesn't end up how you think it will.

This book was such an emotional ride that it grabs you right from the first few pages. There are parts that are so heartbreaking, you may need to put the book down and take a break to collect your thoughts. You get both points of view, so you know what both Olivia and Alexander are feeling. The anticipation in this book is just crazy. I actually yelled at Olivia at one point (which is awkward since she's a fictional character) because she made a decision that made things so much more difficult for herself later. And Alex... omg! He evolves and changes so much during the book. At one point you don't know whether to smack him or make out with him (again, He is the same strong, controlling, alpha male from the first book... only BETTER!

There are questions left unanswered at the end of this book. But we do get closer to putting together the pieces of Olivia's life as a child.

Grab a box of tissues before starting this book... you'll need it!! 

This is definitely a 5 star book!!

Reviewed by Lisa S.


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