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Blog Tour: The Suicide Princess by Anthony Bryan

The Suicide Princess 
 Anthony Bryan


Stephanie Bradford is a young, attractive, and successful District Attorney on her way to the top. She has the near-perfect life, with an amazing husband, and she has it all in the palm of her hand. When her marriage falls into a romantic rut, Stephanie is skillfully swooned by a charming, mysterious and intriguing stranger who looks to be the answer to all of her fantasies. A whirlwind and exciting affair quickly spirals out of control, and before long, she learns that things aren’t always as they appear and people are rarely who they seem. One poor decision becomes the catalyst for a series of events that rips her life apart, and Stephanie is left with nothing but the thirst for revenge against the man who viciously stole everything from her. The Suicide Princess is a highly charged roller coaster ride where nothing is as it seems and everything is at stake!
The Suicide Princess is the debut release by breakout author Anthony Bryan. It's the story critics are calling "Breathtaking," "Unbelievably hot," and "It just doesn't get any better!" Find out what all the excitement is about, and get your copy today.

Note: The Suicide Princess is an intoxicating, romantic thriller containing adult language and themes. It is intended only for those readers who are comfortable with such.


I was given a copy of this book for an Honest Review!

Ok… I was kinda worried getting into this book because it was wrote by a man (nothing against men authors)! I figured it was going to an OK book but it turned out to be WAY more than that.  If you are looking for that sweet romance; then don’t one-click this.  If you want that HOT, STEAMY book that leaves your panties wet with a little twist then look no further!! The sex scenes are dirty and EXTREMELY HOT with much detail that will have you wanting more and more!

You have Stephanie, the leading lady which is happily married with a good career. She wants more from her husband in the bedroom then the typical just quick sex. She meets Derrick, a hot bad boy that is willing to give her exactly what she wants in the bedroom, but she finds out that things are not always what they seem to be!!!.

There are parts of this book that are so steamy, I can only describe them as raw, no holds barred looks into what really happens behind closed doors. Yes, there was one part where I was thinking 'Wait... she wants him to do WHAT?!?', but you have to remember that Stephanie is looking to add spice to her life and she is sick of the mundane.

The writing is excellent; it is very male mind-set, which is nice to see how a man thinks of things. There's a certain areas in the book that happens that a woman wouldn't normally go into or write about.

With all that being said, I really enjoyed the book It is fast paced and keeps you wanting more.  Some of the scene in book might have you reaching for you BOB but most and fore most you will definitely not be disappointed at all!! I can’t wait to read what is next to come from this author!! 

We give this book 4 stars!!! 


Author Bio:
Anthony Bryan,
Author of The Suicide Princess

Born and raised in London, UK, Anthony's hope, more than anything, is that his words can provide an escape for you, and he hopes they take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. His goal is to give you something different, refreshing and unlike anything you've ever read. In a sea of authors pumping out the same cookie-cutter stories, Anthony can only try to be the one who stands out and takes you on one hell of a ride.  Find your favorite reading spot, pour yourself a drink (or two) and love every second of every page he writes… After all, he writes them for you!

At 27 years old, Anthony now resides in the U.S. where he divides his time between Boston, Massachusetts and Sarasota, Florida.  He served with the American military in eastern Afghanistan, and he is a combat veteran as well as an accomplished fighter training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing.  He has more tattoos than his mother would have liked, and he may not seem like the typical erotic writer - because he’s not.  He’s different, and his work is different, so get ready to be blown away!

Throughout his entire life, even as a young child, reading has always been Anthony's escape from reality. It was a way to temporarily leave the boring monotony of day-to-day life, and it allowed him to visit far off lands, meet unusual characters, take incredible adventures, and even learn about the very edges of our universe. Being able to take his love of reading and transform it to a passion for writing has been the greatest gift he has ever been given.


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